Friday, April 18, 2008

Joshua turns 1!

Joshua turned 1 on April 10! We had a John Deere themed party for him and I don't really think he understood what was going on, but man he loved the cake. It took him a minute to figure out he could eat it, but once he took that first bite he dug in like crazy. I finally had to take it away from him because I was afraid he was going to eat too much sugar and get sick. He was so hyper after all that sugar it was hilarious! He was crawling all over shouting and giggling - it was so funny! Here are some pictures from the big day!

Morning Sickness and Farm Work

I am currently 10 weeks preggo with my second little one. I haven't been barfing my guts out or anything, but I live in a constant state of nausea! I have a huge phobia of throwing up - I haven't barfed since I was 12 years old and am completely terrified of it. I don't know why I have this fear, probably because my little brother Clay threw up all the time when we were kids and oftentimes he threw up on or around me!

Anyway, last weekend, we had a huge cattle working event. Lots of Josh's family comes to town to help and it is quite the ordeal. Now, as sick as I felt, I didn't want to miss out on the festivities. My job in the cattle working is to open and close gates and help run the cows through the shoot. We don't usually stop for lunch and I get more nauseous if I don't keep something in my stomach. So, this one cow comes through and she just recently had a baby, but hadn't delivered the placenta. She smelled AWFUL and Josh proceeded to pull the placenta out with his hands! So for some stupid reason I watch this as nasty infected placenta falls out on the ground smelling completely rank!! I started gagging and had to run to the other side of the lot to get some fresh air! Crisis averted, I did not throw up - but I thought better of joining in the cow working festiviities after that!!