Monday, August 25, 2008

The attack of the killer jalapenos...

Tonight I decided to make black beans and rice for supper. It was a new recipe and called for two jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped... no biggee, right? WRONG!!

Usually when I am working with jalapenos, I put on some gloves to do the chopping because the oils in the pepper really burns. Well, I was working fast, had a toddler running in between my legs the entire time I was cooking and just got to chopping without thinking about it. Lord have mercy!! Within minutes, my fingers are on fire! I must have reached up and touched under my nose as well because my nostrils felt like I had just inhaled pure gasoline or something! I run into the living room to tell Josh of the serious pain I was feeling. Of course, he just looks at me and says "Well, don't do that" - infuriating!

So, I am slaving away in the kitchen feeling like I had just dipped my hands and nose into a vat of acid or something. I then go to look in the mirror and my entire upper lip is bright red - quite disturbing! I tried lemon juice, milk, vinegar, orange juice, finger nail polish remover - nothing helped ease the pain!!

I now vow to never cook anything again that calls for jalapenos! To top it off, the dang black beans and rice gave me heart burn so I ended up taking tums and burping all night! Stupid jalapenos!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pregnancy Woes and Wonderfuls...

I am currently in my 26th week of pregnancy and I was thinking the other day that about this time is when you start to look at the calendar and say, "Oh man, I have to be pregnant for how much longer?" Now, I don't want to seem ungrateful because up to this point my pregnancy has been uncomplicated (keep praying it will stay that way), but here are just a couple of things about being pregnant that are difficult.

I call these the pregnancy woes...

1. Everything is getting bigger, belly, boobs, butt - everything! It is a wonder my husband still recognizes me and still stops me in the hall for a hug :)

2. Getting up to go pee in the middle of the night - more than once. Now, I have tried to master the wandering into the bathroom trying to stay asleep as much as possible while peeing and then getting back to bed, but I have a very active mind and have never slept well so after each pee break in the middle of the night it takes me at least 30 minutes to fall back asleep. I am tired :)

3. I am always starving! I have tried to eat healthily this time around, but sugar is my biggest addiction. Put ice cream, cake, candy, anything with sugar around me and I can't resist!!

4. I am starting to have a hard time tying my shoes, getting out of bed, and getting up off the couch by myself - the belly muscles just don't work when you are pregnant!

5. Strange foods give me heartburn that seems to never end. I think I will just eat rice for the remainder of my pregnancy - just kidding!

6. Drinking so much water makes me feel like a giant whale and, of course, I then have to pee all the time!

7. I am always hot and sweating profusely! I am typically a hot natured person as it is, but this summer heat and the pregnancy hormones have put me over the edge. I walk around in shorts and a tank top at home and am still sweating!

8. I am always wondering if my little girl is ok in there. While all the doctors visits say everything is fine, you just don't know until she is here.

9. I am constantly worried that my blood pressure will freak out again and I will find myself with a very premature baby and possibly no momma. I then go back to the fact that God is in control and is watching out for both me and my little baby. Plus, I monitor my blood pressure at home and things have been fine so far, so I am encouraged (at this point during my last pregnancy, I was already having trouble with my blood pressure).

Now, for the pregnancy wonderfuls....

1. I have a beautiful baby girl growing inside me that is a precious miracle! I know so many couples who have had a hard time conceiving or were not able to have babies at all and knowing that this little one is such a precious gift that we are blessed with makes all the pregnancy woes worth it!

2. I get to by fun girly outfits - till now I have been outnumbered by my boys!

3. I get to feel kicks and punches and somersaults in my belly all day - pregnancy truly is an amazing experience.

4. I will have another precious child to call me momma and take care of.

5. I can play the pregnancy card - "Honey, can you get me a drink, I am just so tired" Although, I do not abuse this privilege or it will lose its effectiveness :)

6. Joshua will have a sibling to play with. Dad is a lot of fun to play with, but he thinks momma is kind of boring sometimes. Daddy makes better car sound effects.

7. I get to eat a little more than I normally would, because, hey, I am eating for two!

8. I don't have to ask my husband if an outfit makes me look fat, because let's face it, maternity clothes are not flattering, so I already know the answer.

There are many other things I could list, but I think this hits the high points. All in all, I am truly blessed the have the opportunity to become a momma again and I thank the Lord every day for the precious miracle that will be arriving soon and for the one that I already have with me (little Joshua).