Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I live on a cattle farm in Arkansas and have helped my husband work cows on numerous occasions. On one particular occasion, I was eating a ham sandwich in one hand and was twisting a cows tail in the other. Those who know me well, find this extremely funny for some reason - probably because I was such a girly girl growing up :)

2. I have a throw up phobia - a true phobia. I haven't thrown up since I was 12 years old and can't talk about it or be in close proximity to anyone who is throwing up. If I feel remotely like throwing up, I start to have a panic attack! Funny story, there was this boy in high school that my mom wanted me to date - but he threw up in class in the fourth grade and I just couldn't get past that. My kids are helping me through this phobia :)

3. I am extremely claustrophobic - I hate feeling like I am in a place where I can't get out. I hate flying because I feel trapped in the plane - I hate malls because I feel like I can't get out easily (the recent popularity of promenade malls are a great remedy for this) - I hate sitting in the center of the aisle at church because I feel like I cant get out. I think I need therapy!

4. I lived in Colorado for 5 years and love the friends I made there and miss them terribly!

5. I have a masters' degree in accounting and think it is the most boring profession in the world. I should have majored in something I enjoyed rather than something practical.

6. All of us have names that start with a J - Josh, Jennifer, Joshua & Julie.

7. I was diagnosed with unexplainable high cholesterol at 12 years old. I am always the youngest person in the cardiologist's office when I go for check ups.

8. I am obsessed with our budget. I am always worrying about how we spend our money and the possibility of not having enough of it.

9. We are in the process of building a new house and I am so excited!!!

10. My husband has a PhD in reproductive physiology - he knows more about the female reproductive system than I do!

11. I love potatoes - I could eat a baked potato or mashed potatoes every day for the rest of my life and be happy!!

12. My daughter is named after my life-long best friend - Julie (Hardin) Whalen. I pray that my little girl will be as amazing as her namesake.

13. I love me some lime cokes from Sonic!!

14. I hate cleaning, but love things to be clean!

15. I almost lost my life during the birth of my son, Joshua. It was incredibly scary and not fun, but I got an amazing little boy out of the deal!

16. Both my parents and Josh's parents have been married to each other for over 30 years. All of our grandparents were married to each other for over 50 years.

17. We live less than a mile from my in-laws and I work for my mother-in-law. Some might find this a scary situation, but I love my in laws very much and love having them close by!

18. I almost passed out in the middle of our vows during our wedding. It was the middle of July in Arkansas and I got so hot in my dress that I almost fainted. You can tell in the wedding video that Josh is basically holding me up - ha ha!

19. I did pass out during my sorority initiation in college! It was super hot in this little room and we were standing up for a long time and hadn't had anything to eat - recipe for fainting!! Thank goodness my wonderful roommate and BFF Lyndsey took care of me when I got home. My parents were in Europe on vacation and we thought I might have a concussion - I hit my head on the concrete floor pretty hard. Lynds was studying to be a nurse at the time and it was obvious she was going to be good at it - I am not a good patient!

20. I fell down the stairs from the balcony at church in college. There were a whole bunch of cute boys standing at the bottom of the stairs where I fell and I was mortified!!

21. My husband and I met because we were both tall. My college sorority and his fraternity were paired up for a dance competition thing. Josh and I were assigned as partners because I was the tallest girl and he was the tallest boy in the group - I guess he really did sweep me off my feet!

22. I am terrified of getting food poisoning (this ties into the throw up phobia problem). I will not eat meat that is remotely pink and am paranoid about things going bad in the refrigerator. It drives me crazy that my mom lets things expire in her fridge. Whenever I visit her, the first thing I do is clean out her refrigerator!!

23. Before I had kids, I worked for a big public accounting firm in Colorado. I worked all the time and pretty much hated every minute of it - I met a bunch of great people though!

24. I am the first born grandchild on both sides of my family. Joshua is the first born grandchild on both sides as well.

25. I love to cook and would buy everything in the Williams-Sonoma catalog if I had the money!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a week!

Thank goodness this week is over!! This has been the week of sickness to say the least! First Joshua got sick (see my previous post), followed by Josh getting the same bug as Joshua had. Just when I thought I was safe from the disease, I got sick too. I was really, really scared that little Julie was going to catch the plague, but she has seemed to escape it somehow - thank you breastfeeding!!
To top it all off, the day after I started feeling icky, I walked out the door of our house only to discover that the neighbors puppies had puked and had the big-D all over our steps. So, my morning was spent dowsing the steps and porch with water and trying to get rid of the doggy grossness while running to the bathroom ever 5 minutes not feeling so good myself.
So, needless to say I am one pooped (no pun intended) mommy and am so very glad that my family is feeling better now! I guess if you want to look on the bright side I lost 10 pounds as a result of my sickness so I am just one more stomach flu away from my pre-pregnancy weight - I think I prefer to lose it the old fashioned way :)