Friday, April 3, 2009

Where have I been?

I have taken a brief hiatus from blogland and what seems like all other methods of communication this past month as things have been a little busy around my house. We are in the process of building a house and let me tell you it has been the most frustrating experience thus far. Not only have we never purchased a home before, but definitely didn't know all that was involved in building one. The bank has been the most frustrating part because they were taking forever to get our loan approved and the appraisal was apparently the hold up so after 8 weeks of waiting, we dumped that bank and went to a new one. Thank goodness the new bank was on top of things and got our loan approved in 2 weeks. So now we are ready for the fun to begin, they started bringing in dirt and will start the foundation work next week. Oh man am I excited!

In addition to the house building project, one of the ladies that works for my in-laws' company had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of March so I have been doing her job for the past month. Since I have connections with the owners, I take the kids with me to work :) It has been nice to use the grown up side of my brain again, but it has also been challenging getting the kids ready and out the door at a normal time and trying to concentrate with Joshua getting into everything in the office and Julie not wanting to stay in her car seat. For purposes of illustration, the following is a glimpse into a typical day in the Walker household.

Wake up, take shower, get dressed before sleeping toddler emerges from bed, wake Joshua, change diaper, get Joshua eating breakfast, wake Julie, change diaper, give Julie reflux medicine, feed Julie, dress Joshua, dress Julie, get Julie in car seat, get Joshua in car seat, drive to Ashdown, unload Joshua, unload Julie, do some work, time to go, get Joshua in car seat, get Julie in car seat, drive home, fix Joshua lunch, feed Julie, change both diapers, put Joshua down for nap, do any farm bookkeeping, phone calling, laundry, cleaning, put Julie down for nap. Joshua gets up from nap wanting to go play outside, get Julie up, feed Julie, go play outside, Joshua immediately jumps in mud puddle and covers himself in mud, go inside, bathe Joshua, get dinner started, Josh comes home, feed everybody, clean dishes, bathe Julie, give Joshua thyroid medicine, give Julie reflux medicine, brush Joshua's teeth, read bedtime story, put Joshua to bed, feed Julie again, put Julie to bed - collapse in the bed myself!!

So, you see how I haven't had much time to write up my ever so witty and interesting blog posts. I will try to do better. Other than the new house and working, there really hasn't been much happening that seemed blogworthy. April is a busy month full of cattle breeding projects so I am sure something interesting and weird will come about soon. Until then....