Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick Update

Our house is finally finished! We have been in it for about a month now - I will post pictures some day, but have been slowly trying to get organized before I do a bunch of picture taking.

Things have been a bit crazy around our house the last month or so. About a week after we moved into our new house, I started a new job in Texarkana. So we have been transitioning from mommy being home all the time to working mommy! The kids have done pretty well with the transition. It has been a little harder for Joshua probably because he is older, but overall they have done really well. While I am working they stay with their Grandma JoJo one day a week and the rest of the week they stay with a wonderful lady who just keeps a couple of kids in her home. I really like the arrangement because Joshua and Julie get to interact with other kids, but not so many kids that it is a big germ fest of chaos all day :)

I will hopefully write more later, but being full time momma, wife, maid, and CPA keeps me pretty busy - not to mention there isn't much exciting to write about, unless of course you find endless tails of tax return preparation exciting - yikes!


Bierman Adventures said...

Yeah for the house being done!!!!! I can't wait to come see it!