Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys will be boys...

My little Joshua is a precious little boy. He has just started walking and has also started to get in to all kinds of trouble. This morning, I was checking my email on the computer and noticed that the house was strangely quiet - which normally means Joshua is getting into something he shouldn't. Now we normally keep the door to the bathroom closed because Joshua has a strange obsession with the toilet (EWWW!), but it happened to be left open this morning and as I wander around the house looking for the trouble maker I go into the bathroom and discover my son splashing around in the toilet bowl water - GAG!!! I scream and immediately dunk him in the bathtub and scrub his little body from head to toe trying to eradicate whatever discussing germs he had just come in contact with. He found the whole thing to be extremely funny and just kept looking at my like "what's the big deal mom?"

Ah, my husband says this is just a glimpse of the nasty things he will get into in the years to come. I foresee a lot of baths in our future :)

A strange question

I went to the doctor yesterday - standard OB check up, but had to fill out some paper work. I'm going down the list of questions, answering yes, no, yes, no when I come across the strangest question I have ever read. It was as follows:

"Are you related to the father of your child (other than by marriage)?"

I read it over and over trying to make sure I understood what I was reading, then when it finally dawned on me that they were asking if my husband was also my brother or cousin, I found this hilariously funny and started laughing out loud in the waiting room! My doctor is on the Texas side in Texarkana, so you can't say that must be a backwoods Arkansas question, but I guess they have run into that problem enough to put it on a questionnaire. SERIOUSLY!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why did God create insects?

As many of you know by now, we live out in BFE where the bugs and critters run rampant! Now, I am fine with the bugs and critters as long as they stay on their turf and stay out of mine. Well, with summer in full force now, let's just say the natives are getting restless.

I was brushing my teeth the other night, minding my own business, when I bend over the sink to spit my toothpaste out, this ginormous roach was sitting on the faucet staring at me! Of course I screamed, took of my flip flop and began squashing the nasty bugger to death before it could jump in my ear or something. So I was like, "ok, an occasional roach is no big deal, be a big girl." A few days pass with no roach encounters.

Then, out of the blue, it was around 11pm at night, I walk into the bathroom, flip on the light, and there are 5 more ginormous roaches on the bathroom floor! FIVE, not one, FIVE!!!! I screamed again (thankfully Joshua was asleep in his crib and didn't wake up at the commotion) and began the war with the roaches - one flip flop against five roaches. After much effort, I won and all the roaches were flushed down the toilet to roach oblivion!

At this point, I am not comfortable with the roach intrusion at all. Josh was out working late into the night (darn cows) so I called him and told him about my encounter with the roaches and basically threatened his life if he didn't come home and eradicate the problem at once :) Of course, Josh doesn't see what the big deal is because he is a boy who grew up in the boonies and is used to this sort of thing. Me, not so much - I spent the rest of the night in the fetal position in my bed afraid to go into the bathroom for fear that the march of the roaches would return!

The next day, I put Josh to work spraying roach poison outside the house and making sure that anything inviting to roaches outside was eliminated (i.e. tall grass, wood, weeds, etc). He was really sweet about the whole thing - I think he knows that I have a tendency to over-react at things while pregnant :) Anyhow, there have been no future roach sightings and the Terminix man is coming this week.

I think when I get to heaven, one of the questions I will ask God is why there has to be so many yucky insects in the world and why they don't mind their own business and stay outside! Don't they know that when they venture inside they will just get smashed and flushed! Ugh!!